Amid ADHD spike, doctors urge closer look at sleep issues

January 24, 2018 Science Daily

ADHD, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Children

Amid a steady rise in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD, debate is brewing whether the condition may be a sleep disorder....

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Could It Be Sleep Deprivation and Not ADHD?

Sleep, ADHD

It's a common chicken-and-egg question: Is it sleeplessness that may be causing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or is it ADHD that's causing sleeplessness? Experts who gathered in September for the European College of ...

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Better Sleep for Your Child

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, ADHD

Most parents are aware of the importance of a nutritious diet and regular physical exercise for their children’s health, but surprisingly, another vital aspect of our physical and mental well-being is often overlooked: SLEEP....

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Is This Surprising Habit Making You Tired ALL The Time?

ADHD, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Dental

Teeth grinding is incredibly common in my dental practice, and research suggests that up to one in three people may suffer from night bruxism (teeth grinding). When I started practicing dentistry, I was astounded by how often I was ...

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Is ADHD a sleep disorder?

ADHD, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Children

The theory that ADHD symptoms are caused by sleep deprivation, or even that the condition itself is a sleep disorder, is gaining momentum among researchers....

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Could some ADHD be a type of sleep disorder? That would fundamentally change how we treat it.

ADHD, Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Sleep Disordered Breathing

Over the past two decades, U.S. parents and teachers have reported epidemic levels of children with trouble focusing, impulsive behavior and so much energy that they are bouncing off walls. Educators, policymakers and scientists have ...

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Girls with ADHD face increased risk of becoming smokers, study finds

September 19, 2017 Eric W. Dolan of PsyPost

ADHD, Children

New research has found evidence that female adolescents with ADHD are at heightened risk for nicotine addiction....

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What Parents Should Know About Sleep Apnea in Children

September 14, 2017 ABC News Radio

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Children, Sleep Apnea, ADHD

Medical experts are warning parents that if you hear your young son or daughter snoring, it could potentially be a sign that the child is suffering from sleep apnea....

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It's not just children! Forgetting where you've parked your car could mean you have ADHD

September 11, 2017 Lucy Benyon of the Daily Mail


Most of us make silly mistakes from time to time and are able to laugh them off. That’s what I used to do when I accidentally left the bath overflowing or mislaid my purse for the umpteenth time....

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More thoughts by breakfast than somebody else has all day: This is what it’s like to have ADHD

September 11, 2017 Yvette Caster of Metro

ADHD, Children

Writer and student James Woods wasn’t diagnosed as having ADHD until he was at university – and even then he was skeptical....

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