Many of us are setting our children up for poor oral health

Pediatric Dental, Invest In Your Child, Children

A Bendigo-based expert is not at all surprised by new research showing many parents are inadvertently setting their children up for a lifetime of poor oral health....

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Exploring sleep problems in children with developmental disabilities

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues

Existing studies that have identified an increased risk of sleep problems in children with intellectual disabilities have often included, in one group, children with neurodevelopmental disorders caused by different genetic syndromes or ...

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It's all smiles: pediatric oral hygiene can lead to better overall health

Dental, Children

To achieve beautiful pearly whites and help stave off health issues later in life, it’s important to start good oral hygiene at a young age....

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Amid ADHD spike, doctors urge closer look at sleep issues

January 24, 2018 Science Daily

ADHD, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Children

Amid a steady rise in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD, debate is brewing whether the condition may be a sleep disorder....

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Screen time at night for kids can result in sleep, nutrition problems, study says

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Children

Kids who stay up late watching digital devices in bed may face sleep and nutrition problems, new research by Penn State College of Medicine discovered....

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Happy, healthy and wise: Why good sleep habits make your kids happier and, yes, smarter

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Invest In Your Child

In our increasingly sleep-deprived culture, it’s easy to assume that it’s fine to miss a little shut-eye now and again. Not so. Negative effects caused by too little sleep, like impaired concentration and irritability, can be measured ...

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Sleep apnea in children impairs memory consolidation

Sleep Apnea, Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues

Over the years, science has delved into the nature and function of sleep. Although there are plenty of unanswered questions, slowly, slumber is giving up its secrets....

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Healthy kids: ​​​​​​​Does your teen get enough sleep? Or too much?

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues

My teenager sleeps a lot. Should I be worried? Teenagers should get nine to 10 hours of sleep per night but, unfortunately, most do not. Demands of homework, work, family and friends often result in late nights. Sleep deprivation can ...

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Dentist pulled out boy's four teeth 'unnecessarily'

Invest In Your Child, Children, Dental

When Tim Leo took his 13-year-old son Ethan to the nearby WH Dental Surgeons in Hougang to fix his crooked teeth, as it offered orthodontic services, he expected a routine treatment lasting one to two years....

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Fall is prime time for children's illnesses

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep Apnea

As autumn ushers in colorful leaves and crisper temperatures, it’s also the time of year when certain illnesses begin to peak — especially in children....

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