Many of us are setting our children up for poor oral health

Pediatric Dental, Invest In Your Child, Children

A Bendigo-based expert is not at all surprised by new research showing many parents are inadvertently setting their children up for a lifetime of poor oral health....

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Happy, healthy and wise: Why good sleep habits make your kids happier and, yes, smarter

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Invest In Your Child

In our increasingly sleep-deprived culture, it’s easy to assume that it’s fine to miss a little shut-eye now and again. Not so. Negative effects caused by too little sleep, like impaired concentration and irritability, can be measured ...

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Dentist pulled out boy's four teeth 'unnecessarily'

Invest In Your Child, Children, Dental

When Tim Leo took his 13-year-old son Ethan to the nearby WH Dental Surgeons in Hougang to fix his crooked teeth, as it offered orthodontic services, he expected a routine treatment lasting one to two years....

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Canadian Govt Spent C$110,000 to avoid C$6,000 Health Cost

September 30, 2017 Ashifa Kassam of Gulf Times

Dental Insurance, Dentist, Children, Invest In Your Child

Days after Justin Trudeau told the United Nations that his government was working hard to improve the quality of life for indigenous peoples in Canada, it has emerged that his government spent more than C$110,000 in legal fees to avoid ...

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These parents will do anything to get their kids to a dentist

Dentist, Pediatric Dental, Children, Invest In Your Child

Gone are the days when lollipops and stickers could appease a pint-size patient at the dentist’s office....

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Legislature muffs a chance to improve the lives of our children

September 28, 2017 Dan Walters of the Fresno Bee

Children, Invest In Your Child, Pediatric Sleep Issues

California legislators had a rare opportunity this year to make a significant improvement in the lives of millions of children at little or no cost – and they muffed it....

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