Sleep routine used to shape training for rugby league athletes

September 15, 2017 Medical Xpress

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

Junior rugby league players go to bed later than their senior counterparts and are therefore at risk of burning the candle at both ends if this isn't considered in their routine....

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Children and mothers share sleep patterns

Children, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

If you ever find yourself tossing and turning one night, it might actually be a behavior you picked up from your mother. Researchers at the University of Warwick recently found a link between a mother’s insomnia and the sleeping ...

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12-Year Old Author Survives Death, Seven Surgeries and Severe Sleep Apnea to Write Teen Book on Healthy Thinking

September 11, 2017 Send2Press

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues

Mekani G. Collins was born a micro-preemie at one-pound, two and a half ounces. Doctors stated he would not live. He survived imminent death, seven surgeries and severe sleep apnea (he stopped breathing 61 times in one night) before his ...

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Sleep apnea common in atrial fibrillation patients

September 11, 2017 Umea University

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues

A study involving cardiac patients at the University Hospital of Umeå shows that over 80 percent of patients treated for atrial fibrillation also have sleep apnea - a condition with pauses in breathing during sleep. The study, presented ...

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"Work Hard, Sleep Harder" - Tips from a Sleep Expert

September 05, 2017 Ashley Beyer of KUTV News 2

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues

Dr. Sujay Kansagra is a sleep health consultant for Mattress Firm, the director of Duke University’s Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program and the author of the book “My Child Won’t Sleep.” Dr. Kansagra specializes in treating a ...

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Why Getting Too Little Sleep Could Lead To Risky Decision Making

September 05, 2017 David DiSalvo of Forbes

Pediatric Sleep Issues, ADHD, Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

The list of physical and mental problems that we know come from sleeping too little is getting longer.  A new study suggests another: shorting ourselves on sleep may lead to making riskier decisions. And the insidious part is that we ...

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There's more than melatonin to get kids to sleep

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, ADHD, Sleep, Sleep Apnea

Your child, no longer a baby, has trouble falling asleep. Or he wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and can't get back to sleep. Parents may worry if this happens more than occasionally. There's all kinds of advice for helping ...

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Taking a break from sleep apnea

Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Sleep Apnea

Walruses groan, hogs grunt, tigers snarl. But those guttural noises can’t compare to the heart-stopping, brain-dinging, sleep-robbing snorts, gasps and snores that humans with sleep apnea emit....

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Is ADHD Actually A Sleep Problem?

September 02, 2017 Janice Wood of Psych Central

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, ADHD

About 75 percent of children and adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also have sleep problems, but these have been thought to be separate issues....

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Letting teens sleep in would save the country roughly $9 billion a year

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep

The United States would realize roughly $9 billion a year in economic gains by instituting a simple, nationwide policy change: starting public school classes no earlier than 8:30 a.m....

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