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Fourth Generation Dentists

Mission Statement of Central Dentist


At Central Dentist, we provide an exceptional dental experience while serving our patients and each other faithfully.


We will provide world-class customer service and outstanding dental care while maintaining a welcoming, comfortable, and professional environment.


We are committed to lifelong learning through continuing education and the mentorship of respected members of our profession.


We are dedicated to maintaining a successful dental practice while delivering the highest standards of care, establishing lifelong patient relationships, and supporting the community.


We’ve been creating beautiful, healthy smiles to thousands of family’s since 1957. We can’t wait to make a difference in yours!


Frank J Bourgeois, DDS
Tulane School of Dentistry
New Orleans, LA

Forrest Rosellini, DDS
Baylor College of Dentistry
Dallas, TX

MR sketch

Michael Rosellini, DDS
U.T. Dental Branch
San Antonio, TX

Jill Rosellini Ombrello, DDS
U.T. Dental Branch
Houston, TX



  • Dental care with state of the art technology. Advanced computer systems that both help treat and teach you more about your teeth.

  • 4th Generation Dentistry. We've been creating beautiful, healthy smiles to thousands of family's since 1957. We can't wait to make a difference in yours!

  • This is the place where the whole dental team treats you like family and helps you achieve optimal oral health as well as the smile you have always wanted!

  • Complimentary Emergency Exams and Second Opinions. Call us today at 214-368-0900 to schedule and appointment.

  • Digital X-Rays: This digital x-ray sends out 90% less radiation. Its connected to our flat screen tv's and it's images can be seen instantly.

  • Enjoy our massage chairs and flat screen tv's. Our relaxing spa atmosphere will change the way you think about receiving dental care.

Did You Know……

  • A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans
  • 32% of Americans cite bad breath as the least attractive trait of their co-workers
  • The average woman smiles 62 times a day, males smile 8 times a day
  • A sneeze zooms out of your mouth at 600mph
  • Periodontal disease and decay are infections and contagious
  • 75% of Americans have periodontal disease
  • 83% of people believe teeth are more important than hair and eyes
  • Certain cheeses, including Aged Cheddar, Swiss, and Monterey Jack have been found to protect teeth from decay

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