Evidence-Based Clinical Practice 

The thrill of practicing during a time when technology, knowledge, & communication are expanding exponentially coincides with a clinician's opportunity and obligation to stay on this frontier and provide their patients with the best care possible.  Basing clinical practice decisions on research is rooted in accepted practice of evidence-based medicine. 

The 3 key principles underlying optimal clinical practice include: 

  1. Research-Based Evidence, including systematic summaries of the best evidence
  2. Clinical Expertise, i.e. a clinician's accumulated experience, knowledge, and clinical skills
  3. Patient's Values and Preferences

Our clinical team is consistently contributing to, leading, and studying ongoing developments in our field so that we can offer our patients the best care when considering their oral health management.  Below, we've included research that we reference most frequently in our practice today.  For more information, please feel free to inquire with our doctors or clinical team in office or feel free to email us at info@centraldentist.com