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I am a Physician Assistant proficient in the first assist of robotic-assisted and general urologic surgeries, as well as radiology services. I began my career in medicine as a Registered Nurse, and once I earned my certification as a PA, I began work in out-patient hemodialysis clinics, where I assisted in the management of end-stage renal disease patients including pregnant, diabetic, anemic, multi-drug resistant hypertensive and general internal medicine patients. I also have experience treating chronic kidney disease patients, stages 1-4. Since assuming my current position at Holy Name Medical Center, I have been a PA in both interventional radiology services and most recently, in urologic oncology. My contributions to clinical research have involved me in assisting in numerous on-going studies within the hospital. I have been appointed as chair of the National Kidney Foundation’s Council of Advanced Practitioners, and have delivered lectures at Foundation conferences on Peripheral Arterial Disease and Vascular Access in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Diabetic Kidney Disease, and anticipate in 2017 to deliver talks on Renal Cell Carcinoma and Obstructive Uropathy. Additionally, I was appointed as co-chair of Holy Name Medical Center’s Advance Practice Council and also serve as a Fellow of the National Kidney Foundation.
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