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Wife & mother to four beautiful, healthy children. Fourth-generation dentist. Patient advocate. Healthy Start educator. Beyonce enthusiast.
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Back to School Check In from Dr. Jill

August 21, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Central Dentist, Holistic Dentistry

To My Dear Sweet Patients and Your Families, I know that at the ripe age of 37 going on 38, it may seem less appropriate to share my inner thoughts, struggles, and victories via a public format in such a “Taylor Swift, opening the pages ...

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The Truth Behind Teeth Grinding: How Pediatric Bruxism Is Both Common and Unhealthy

May 17, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Bruxism, Teeth Grinding

Adult teeth grinding has been associated with stress, nerve damage, missing or damaged teeth or dental restorations, and anatomical and functional issues with the TMJ. More recently, as there has been an increase awareness of functional ...

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Helping a Child with Down Syndrome Thrive [Video]

March 19, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

The information every parent needs to know related to airway, breathing, sleep, speech, and growth and development First off, if anyone has a suggestion for a better title, please let me know.  I’m an expert in growth and development ...

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Year-End Letter from Dr. Jill Ombrello

December 21, 2018 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Dr Ombrello

To Our Dear Patient Families, The holidays can be a full and busy time for us all.  It is filled with an abundance of good cheer and celebration, giving and gratitude, reflection and tradition, and a shocking amount of toothaches ;) ...

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Bedwetting: The Too-Often Undiagnosed Cause & Simple Cure

September 13, 2018 Dr. Jill Ombrello


Bedwetting beyond 2-3 yo (or sometimes known as "nocturnal enuresis" or "incontinence") can feel like a shameful secret or defeating challenge for both the parent and child.  Most often, parents are unaware that this is an issue that ...

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Pre-Pregnancy Prep: Top 6 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Before Conceiving

September 13, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Pregnancy, Women's Health

Thinking about getting pregnant?  Congratulations!! That is SO exciting!!  And whether you're one day out, one month out, or one year out from your attempts at conception, educating yourself and becoming an informed advocate for your ...

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Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing: Awareness & Action [Infographic]

August 24, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues

Have you ever experienced a health condition that made breathing a burden? Imagine that before a run, you are forced to place a straw between your lips, lessening your breathing capacity by over 50 percent. That would be fairly ...

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It’s Not A Phase: Why Your Child Is More Aggressive Than Other Children

June 27, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Children, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues

After a night of restless sleep, it is difficult to approach the day with an elated state of mind. A lack of deep sleep promotes exhaustion, which promotes an edginess that, when provoked, transforms into unintentional aggression. Even ...

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Could Your Child’s Speech Impediment Be Tied to A Lack of Sleep?

April 13, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Children, Healthy Start, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Speech

All parents are familiar with how painfully self-conscious children and teens can be. As veterans of childhood, we know that kids thrive on social feedback. Engaging with friends and peers, asking parents and mentors the tough ...

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Chronic Allergies and Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing: What's the Connection?

April 08, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Children, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Allergies, Chronic Allergies, Pediatric Allergies

Does your child suffer from distressing allergies? Seasonal or environmental allergies are quite common in our youngsters, but they shouldn’t be! No one should have to live life constantly sniffling, sneezing, or itching. If your child ...

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