Bedwetting: The Too-Often Undiagnosed Cause & Simple Cure

September 13, 2018 Dr. Jill Ombrello


Bedwetting beyond 2-3 yo (or sometimes known as "nocturnal enuresis" or "incontinence") can feel like a shameful secret or defeating challenge for both the parent and child.  Most often, parents are unaware that this is an issue that ...

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The Cure for Bedwetting That Your Doctor Never Told You

February 01, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Children, Bedwetting, Healthy Start, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Pediatric Sleep Issues

When it comes to children’s dental health, we tend to talk about establishing good toothbrushing habits, learning to floss, and drinking fluoride-enriched tap water. These are crucially important lessons for our little ones, but we ...

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