The Truth Behind Teeth Grinding: How Pediatric Bruxism Is Both Common and Unhealthy

May 17, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Bruxism, Teeth Grinding

Adult teeth grinding has been associated with stress, nerve damage, missing or damaged teeth or dental restorations, and anatomical and functional issues with the TMJ. More recently, as there has been an increase awareness of functional ...

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Are Elementary Age Children as Sleep Deprived as Teens?

June 15, 2018 Joseph Buckhalt, Ph.D

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep

Recommendations for how much sleep children of different ages should get are based on a consensus of professional judgement.  Age groupings are essentially arbitrary, and for each age group, there is a range of hours, reflecting that ...

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When Should a Child’s Tonsils Come Out?

June 11, 2018 Kevin Joy

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Preventive Health, Pediatric Allergies, Pediatric Dental, Dental

A Michigan Medicine pediatric specialist explains what tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy entails, from examination to recovery....

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Exploring sleep problems in children with developmental disabilities

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues

Existing studies that have identified an increased risk of sleep problems in children with intellectual disabilities have often included, in one group, children with neurodevelopmental disorders caused by different genetic syndromes or ...

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Poor sleep is driving childhood obesity crisis: Too little sleep causes them to eat more and disrupts metabolism

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Preventive Health, Sleep

Pediatricians warn sleep is the ignored culprit driving childhood obesity, as a new study shows a direct link between shut-eye and weight gain....

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Amid ADHD spike, doctors urge closer look at sleep issues

January 24, 2018 Science Daily

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, ADHD

Amid a steady rise in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD, debate is brewing whether the condition may be a sleep disorder....

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Can’t sleep? Younger brains need a buffer before bedtime after binge-watching

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep

Seconds tick off to watch yet another TV episode, tempting viewers immersed in what happens next....

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13 weird ways parents get children to sleep

January 05, 2018 Sean Coughlan of BBC News

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep

These days in early January are claimed as the darkest days for sleep deprivation....

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Screen time at night for kids can result in sleep, nutrition problems, study says

Children, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep

Kids who stay up late watching digital devices in bed may face sleep and nutrition problems, new research by Penn State College of Medicine discovered....

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Happy, healthy and wise: Why good sleep habits make your kids happier and, yes, smarter

Children, Invest In Your Child, Pediatric Sleep Issues

In our increasingly sleep-deprived culture, it’s easy to assume that it’s fine to miss a little shut-eye now and again. Not so. Negative effects caused by too little sleep, like impaired concentration and irritability, can be measured ...

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