The Focus Shifts in Alzheimer's Research

April 10, 2018 Robert Preidt of WebMD

Preventive Health, Aging, Wellness, Women's Health, Men's Health

The way that Alzheimer's disease is defined for research should be based on brain changes rather than symptoms....

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Oral sex is causing an oral cancer epidemic in men by outwitting natural defenses

Preventive Health, Women's Health, Dental, Men's Health

Five years ago, when actor Michael Douglas candidly revealed that his throat cancer was linked to having oral sex, two things happened....

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Fresh awakening: Women, too, suffer sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues, Women's Health

During her worst spells of sleep apnea, Jenn Foisy was lucky to escape mishap. Many mornings she awoke exhausted, her mind cloudy, her body starved of true rest, and got behind the wheel....

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Pre-Pregnancy Prep: Top 6 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Before Conceiving

September 13, 2017 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Pregnancy, Women's Health

Thinking about getting pregnant?  Congratulations!! That is SO exciting!!  And whether you're one day out, one month out, or one year out from your attempts at conception, educating yourself and becoming an informed advocate for your ...

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