Four generations of family dentistry has led us to where Central Dentist is today. For my dad and me, it is more than a chosen profession, it is a passion. The importance of a positive dental and health experience has been ingrained in our culture, and we strive to treat every patient as if they’re a member of our own family.


About Central Dentist



Dr. Jill Ombrello

My patients call me Dr. Jill, so feel free to do the same.  You can read about my credentials below, but I thought it to be most important to share our practice philosophy and how it came to be:

We aim to partner with our patients through honest conversations and with the most advanced systems to deliver conservative, comprehensive care in a comfortable and fun environment.

Now, this isn't some random jargon I think sounds good. I really believe in this. And here's why.  While in college, I played Division I field hockey. I loved being an athlete, and working hard and pushing myself were woven into my very being. Unfortunately, I had to stop playing after two years because I started having unexplained episodes of unconsciousness, shortness of breath, head and chest pain. 

Starting late in my college career, my parents and I went on an exhaustive search that included various specialists in Houston and Dallas to diagnose exactly what the cause was of my symptoms.  From neurologists who thought I might have epilepsy or a neurodegenerative disorder, to endocrinologists and immunologists who included autoimmune disorders, food allergies, and hormone issues as part of my differential diagnosis.  I think my initial differential diagnosis included about 10 possible systemic conditions, and my parents and I saw no less than 20 different specialists for consults and second opinions. It was terrifying, exhausting, and at times, seeminly hopeless. 

During my second year of dental school, we finally found a team of cardiologists who properly diagnosed my condition as having a worsening PFO, or patent foramen ovale.  It is a hole in the heart that exists in all babies in the womb, but once born, it closes for proper functioning of the heart.  Sometimes the hole doesn't close properly, and that is a cause of some pediatric heart surgery cases.  Very rarely does someone grow to my age without having this condition discovered.  Shortly after the diagnosis was made and verified, I was scheduled for heart surgery, and I went on to have two open heart surgeries over the course of 11 months to repair the defect in my heart.  


After recovering from the surgeries, I continued my training in dental school and graduated with my Doctorate of Dental Surgery only 16 months after my second surgery. I'm also very proud to say that I went on to complete a half-marathon within a year of my second surgery, proving to myself that I was still that athlete that could work hard and achieve new goals.

And while I would never wish to go through any of this, I know that this journey made me the compassionate healthcare provider I am today. I know the struggle of going to multiple providers to figure out what's going and how confusing it can be when you have multiple "professionals" all telling you different things. I know that awesome feeling of restored health.  And I know that in the big picture when things can be stressful, a sense of humor and a little fun can really make a difference. 

And it is this "empathy + honesty + exceptional care + bad jokes" burrito of a dental office philosophy that I hope to bring to each one of my patients.  I am genuinely interested in understanding what your priorities are and how I can help you achieve your goals. 


Other things you may or may not find of interest: 

  • I completed my B.S. in Exercise Science at Saint Louis University in 2004 and my DDS at the University of Texas at Houston Dental Branch in 2008
  • I'm a frequent volunteer providing public health dentistry, leading me to provide care in underserved areas of Texas as well as rural villages of Alaska. I donate time and dental services to the Genesis Women’s Shelter to help the victims of domestic abuse and restore their dental health. I also provide treatment to elderly patients who reside in nursing homes and help educate their care teams and families
  • I've traveled around the world and all over the US to share my research and educate other doctors on pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and my unique non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical therapy to treat this chronic condition, resolving many of the associated chronic symptoms including chronic allergies, inflammatory diseases, prolonged bedwetting, night terrors, ADHD 
  • I'm a Hockaday alumna and Christ the King parishoner, and my husband and I are proud parents to four healthy and silly children
  • Oh. I also love Beyonce.

Here more from Dr. Jill in her annual year-end letter to her patient families 


Dr. Michael Rosellini

My dad is the reason I went into to dentistry and the standard to which I hold all things that I do.  After graduating UT San Antonio Dental School in 1980, he took over his dad's dental practice in Lancaster, TX.  In running a multi-generational practice, my dad received requests from patients as family members transitioned to later, more feeble stages in life, but yet still needing and desiring the same level of exceptional dental care.

"A picture says a thousand words" (see below) couldn't be more applicable than in this case... My dad has gone beyond what a traditional dentist will provide in supporting our patients. He will see them in our office, but in cases where some is too ill or too weak, he has treated patients in hospitals, nursing facilities, and patients' own homes. Even if it requires him to get on his knees, he makes no sacrifice to the standard of care his patients receive.  And I feel privileged to practice alongside him, learn from him, and to have him as my dentist ;)

Beyond dentistry, my mom and dad have been married for 40 years, and they spend much of their time playing with their 7 grandchildren. He's been a volunteer high school baseball coach for the past several years, and just recently decided to take on the role of being head basketball coach for his grandsons' 6-and-under league in Richardson.... make sure to ask him how the season is going next time you're in for a visit!

Connect with Dr. Mike: my dad doesn't have social media so you'll just have to come see him in person or send him a handwritten letter if you'd like to connect with him ;)