Holistic Family Dentistry

Preventive & Biocompatible Oral Health Therapy Addressing the Root Causes of Disease

Meet Our Doctors

Jill Rosellini Ombrello, DDS, AIAOMT, AIABDM, IFMCP

Holistic Family Dentist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Special Needs Patient Advocate

Michael Rosellini, DDS, AIAOMT
Geriatric Dentist, In-Home & Mobile Care Provider

Why Holistic Family Dentistry &

Biocompatible Oral Health?

It can help with

Disease Prevention

Education & early intervention/ preventive therapy programs rooted in optimal nutrition, hygiene, oral habits, & supplementation

Sleep & Fatigue

Proper airway development & management with optimal mandibular positioning & TMJ function


Removal of mercury amalgam & other heavy metals. Ozone & charcoal therapy 

Chronic Inflammatory Symptoms

Treatment based on root cause of symptoms. Active collaboration amongst your health & wellness providers. 

Chronic Pain

Orthopedic, orthodontic, & myofunctional approach to treating most common head & neck sources of pain


Minimize or eliminate overall burden on systemic health via use of biological products 



“Absolutely loved everything about my experience here. The staff is so kind, so knowledgeable, and they found a health issue (UARS) that had been overlooked by all the healthcare practitioners I’ve seen in the past. Can’t recommend them enough!.”

— Taylor S.

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Main location: 10210 N Central Expy, Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75231

Secondary location: 189 Historic Towne Square, Lancaster, TX 75146

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How We Optimize for Your Comprehensive Care...

Advanced Diagnostics

Identifying the root causes of oral & systemic health issues

Preventive & Biological Solutions

Research-supported, advanced therapies 

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Collaboration within Our Community

Working with other healthcare providers to optimize care