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Welcome to Our Home Away from Home!

As we've recently expanded our practice and brought in new technology and equipment (such as our CBCT machine, ozone therapy, and SMART equipment), we thought this would be a great opportunity to update our office to reflect who we are to those new to our practice and to remind our existing patients why they've chosen to partner with us for their families' care. 

So what we hope you feel when you step into our office is that we are committed to a positive (dare we say, fun!) experience for adults and children alike. We recognize that each family and each individual patient will have a unique dental history and personal goals for their future oral and systemic health. We want to personalize and optimize each person's visit with us, allowing you to feel at ease with our consultations and our treatment appointments. 

In addition to the new technology and equipment, and the fun new decorations to better display our practice personality, we have a number of new environmental protectors that have been installed. These may be less interesting to look at than some of the other updates, but these were just as intentional as all other decisions we've made in this expansion. These protectors include an amalgam separator, negative ionizers, enhanced air purification and circulation systems, and a water filtration system. We recognize the importance of minimizing our footprint in our environment while also being mindful of ever-increasing toxicities from materials, chemicals, and other environmental variables.  We are doing all that we can to ensure that we are creating a safe and sustainable environment in our office, as well as in our larger community. 

We hope you find our office as warm and inviting as we intended :) And if not, please let us know, as we very much appreciate your feedback, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve! 

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