The Truth Behind Teeth Grinding: How Pediatric Bruxism Is Both Common and Unhealthy

May 17, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Pediatric Sleep Issues, Sleep, Bruxism, Teeth Grinding

Adult teeth grinding has been associated with stress, nerve damage, missing or damaged teeth or dental restorations, and anatomical and functional issues with the TMJ. More recently, as there has been an increase awareness of functional ...

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Helping a Child with Down Syndrome Thrive [Video]

March 19, 2019 Dr. Jill Ombrello

The information every parent needs to know related to airway, breathing, sleep, speech, and growth and development First off, if anyone has a suggestion for a better title, please let me know.  I’m an expert in growth and development ...

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Year-End Letter from Dr. Jill Ombrello

December 21, 2018 Dr. Jill Ombrello

Dr Ombrello

To Our Dear Patient Families, The holidays can be a full and busy time for us all.  It is filled with an abundance of good cheer and celebration, giving and gratitude, reflection and tradition, and a shocking amount of toothaches ;) ...

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Mom realizes her son's ADHD symptoms were actually caused by sleep deprivation


One mom in Virginia is warning parents about the symptoms of sleep apnea in children after her son was almost mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD....

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How Does Nutrition Impact Sleep Disorders?

October 27, 2018 Jose Colon, MD, MPH

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recognized the importance of sleep in wellness. He noted, “Sleep and watchfulness, both of them, when immoderate, constitute disease.” He equally recognized the value of nutrition, as he also said, ...

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Bedwetting: The Too-Often Undiagnosed Cause & Simple Cure

September 13, 2018 Dr. Jill Ombrello


Bedwetting beyond 2-3 yo (or sometimes known as "nocturnal enuresis" or "incontinence") can feel like a shameful secret or defeating challenge for both the parent and child.  Most often, parents are unaware that this is an issue that ...

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An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep

August 13, 2018 Jane Brody

Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

Attention all you happy high school graduates about to go off to college, as well as the many others returning for another year of higher education. Grandsons Stefan and Tomas, that includes you....

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The Trump administration made trade threats to Ecuador over … breastfeeding

July 09, 2018 Emily Stewart of Vox

The US got Ecuador to back down from a breastfeeding resolution by threatening trade retaliation and pulling military aid. The United States threatened to hit Ecuador with retaliatory trade measures and pull military aid because the ...

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Sleep Apnea:  8 Things That Make It Worse

IT'S ESTIMATED THAT more than 18 million adults in the U.S. have obstructive sleep apnea, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and for the majority who suffer from the most common form of sleep-disordered breathing, it goes ...

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How to get rid of bad breath: Seven ways to eradicate the smell

Dentist, Preventive Health, Wellness, Dental

Bad breath is a problem many of us have experienced once. However, we often don’t notice until other people start leaning away from us. Try these seven tips to eradicate your bad breath....

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