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Reviews & Testimonials

Real-Life Experiences as Told by Our Patient Families 
Mom with 2 Children in Treatment for Super Health

This mom has 2 different children that are undergoing comprehensive, early interventional therapy with the Super Health Program. Her older child began treatment due to excessive crowding of the baby teeth. Because this family decided to start treatment at this recommended earlier age, Dr. Ombrello was able to harness natural forces and natural growth spurts to expand the arches and create the space needed for the adult teeth to erupt into a straight and healthy smile, also resulting in healthy and functional airway and TMJ.

This mom's second child has Down Syndrome and presented with more issues associated with sleep, snoring, breathing issues, and speech. This child experienced difficulty with keeping the appliance in overnight (which is very normal when there is major muscle imbalances and dysfunction with the tongue/cheeks/teeth/etc). But with a few adjustments made by Dr. Ombrello and Mom via a customized plan unique to this child, this patient had great success and saw major improvements in speech, sleep, and overall systemic health! 

Real-Life Experiences as Told by Our Patient Families 
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