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Facebook: A Platform not only for the loudest opinions, but oftentimes the most unqualified :)

Sometimes when I have a patient cancel, I read research papers, journals, catch up on notes and emails, whatever.

But sometimes I go hunting for facebook trolls. And since after my earlier post today, my team asked me if I was "in a mood" (::insert girl shrugging emoji:: ), I decided to continue what I like to call "an authentic dialogue with current and prospective patients". But I'm aware that others may prefer to call this a "less than professional rant". Tomato tomato (btw, I low key love how that saying doesn't work when you write it)

Now let me preface with this next unrequested monologue by explicitly stating that I in no way mean to single out one person. If you haven't already picked up on my sarcasm and silliness, please know that my main intention is to educate on important topics. And I just so happen to deliver these topics in a more tongue-in-cheek manner, because if I didn't, my goodness, they would be so super boring if I didn't. So let's begin.

As you may or may not already be aware, our practice has made a major shift in the past 12 months. While we have always focused on treating the root causes of disease, we expanded our expertise beyond our current therapeutics related to sleep, airway, TMJ, prevention via early intervention, etc.. We dove head first into biocompatible materials, environmental safety, and other alternative technologies. Genuinely, it has been an amazing journey that has absolutely impacted the lives of each of our individual team members, their families, plus all of our of precious patient families.

So with this new knowledge and ability to help patients in a more profound way, we were eager to share and have thoughtful conversations with fellow healthcare providers, patients, and pretty much anyone interested in whole body health for individuals as well as what we need to be doing as a society. The vast majority of those who have expressed interest have shown great appreciation for our ability to consolidate all of this advanced research, customize it to their needs, and create a plan moving forward to achieve their health goals.

But alas, we live in a world of Facebook trolls!! And my, can we learn a lot from them. I tease because typically this is such a "buzzword" in today's world, but I actually really like debate; debate class was in fact one of my favorite classes in middle school. But more seriously, when naysayers rebut, we choose to see it as an opportunity to answer questions in a new and thoughtful way to clarify for anyone else who may share similar concerns.

We have a handful of these on our social media pages. We never delete them. We think it's important to capture these conversations because we believe that the way we respond reveals a lot about who we are and who we choose to be, and we want new and future patients and partners to know our commitment to these topics and to our core values.

Specially selected for your entertainment today, here is a conversation we had with a disgruntled person we'll nickname "D". To set up the scene... D has worked in the dental field for a long time (according to her admissions); she has silver fillings, and has removed them countless times on patients. She had an issue with the IAOMT recommended SMART protocol we follow in our office.

Here's our convo:

D stopped responding ;)

Lessons of this story?

  1. Thoughtful conversations can be productive in helping educate others

  2. Facebook debate can be productive, respectful, and fact-based

  3. Don't start none. Won't be none. (mic drop)

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