Practice Introduction & FAQs: What to expect from your first visit?

Our Guiding Philosophy: "The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest [her] patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison 

Our Mission: For each patient we encounter, we aim to meet them wherever they are to educate and guide them along a path to restore and maintain optimal health and ultimately to support each individual's pursuit of being the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. 

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Greetings, new friend! If you’re reading this, then that most likely means that you are considering our doctors and our practice as your new provider. We thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We have provided answers to what we believe to be some important questions, and you can learn more about our doctors here. But feel free to reach out to anyone on our team via the contact information listed below to inquire further. 


First things first, what’s our “why”? 

It’s important that you, a potential patient, know that we choose to view our primary role as "doctor" means for us to serve as an educator. We recognize that you come to us because we have the advanced education, training, experience, and knowledge of ongoing research to help inform and guide you on your path to restoring and/or maintaining optimal oral and systemic health. We are also aware of the present-day burden on patients to sift through all of the information from other doctors, online, and from friends and family. Beyond that, we know that typically once a patient has started to seek out alternative therapies (such as ours), you’ve already spent a great deal of time and money on the wrong approaches to your health or “solutions” to your ailments. As such, we would like to make this first step as easy as possible for you so you can more swiftly work towards better understanding your oral health and its relation to your systemic wellness. 


But now you may be wondering, why are we offering these extensive diagnostic records and lengthy, comprehensive exams as a complimentary service? 

We believe all patient-doctor relationships need to have a strong foundation of trust, and we see no better way to demonstrate that we are here for you than to volunteer our time to screen, diagnose, and educate you. We don’t want money to be the reason that you don’t at least get your health status reviewed by an expert. From there, it is your choice as to whether you want to proceed with our team as your oral healthcare provider or continue your care elsewhere. We choose to see this as an opportunity for us to learn from each patient, allowing us to help more in our community, so it’s a win-win encounter on both sides, regardless of whether you proceed with any potentially recommended treatment or products, or anything else that would “cost you money”. 


What to expect from my first visit? 

We actually prefer to break up this preliminary encounter into two appointments. The first visit would be with a dental assistant only to collect all of your diagnostic records (listed below). This first appointment takes about 30-45 min, and while the doctor could make time to review the information with you immediately after that, we prefer to have you return another day for your 1-hr, 1-on-1 consult with the doctor so that we have time to review all of the information prior to your appointment. Since we are doing such a deep review of all of your historic and present-day health history and concerns, and there is so much to evaluate between the oral-systemic health link, we know that we are able to provide better information with that additional review time. However, if having two separate visits is not your preference, we will gladly accommodate you and do our best to make that same-day review as comprehensive as possible. 


What specific diagnostic records will be taken at my first visit? 

  • First, we ask that you submit your paperwork prior to your visit, or come to this first visit with it already completed 

  • CBCT for 3D scan of head and neck to identify hard and soft tissue pathologies, airway diameter, sinus and nasal health, and TMJ (if interested on this, more info can be found here)

  • Digital panoramic & intra-oral radiographs for dental examination of historic dental work and existing disease/health state

  • Clinical intra-oral photos - for documentation and easier patient education

  • Digital occlusal scan to evaluate stress fractures, imbalances in dynamic function of the jaws

  • Detailed questionnaires related to dental and systemic health history, sleep health, presentation of symptoms

  • Review of and counsel on nutrition, hydration, oral hygiene habits and products used in the mouth and on the head and neck

  • Head and neck visual cancer screening and counsel on ongoing cancer prevention

  • Also, we welcome you to send any additional lab tests, reports, etc. from any other healthcare provider you may see including but not limited to your primary care physician, physical/occupational/speech/myofunctional therapist, nutritionist, etc. ; this can be sent prior to or after your initial diagnostic records visit

Pending any additional needs, we will sometimes suggest further diagnostic records that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Saliva testing to identify strains of bacteria present in patients with active periodontal disease or decay

  • Home sleep test for patients with symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea 

  • Mercury tri-test for patients planning to have mercury amalgam fillings removed

  • Dental material sensitivity/allergy test for patients with existing treatment and/or are in need of treatment and have history of sensitivity to materials 

  • Joint vibrational test for patients with TMJ disorder 


When you return for your doctor consult, we will do a brief clinical exam in the dental chair, and then spend the remainder of our time discussing the findings and suggestions to restore and/or maintain optimal oral health and systemic wellness. This appointment typically takes anywhere from 30 min-1 hr. 


We hope this helps make your decision to join our practice that much easier. If not, please reach out to us at your convenience. Otherwise, we look forward to meeting you soon!


Warmest Regards,


Drs. Beth Rosellini & Jill Ombrello

To schedule your complimentary new patient consult today, contact our office at 214-368-0900 or