Beyond snoring: Sleep apnea has dangerous consequences

Sleep Disordered Breathing, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a major health problem with potentially dangerous consequences....

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The need for sleep

October 06, 2017 Advantage News

Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

We have all heard that getting a good night’s sleep is important to our overall health. But now more than ever, we are ignoring that advice....

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Retainers Should Be ‘Worn For Life’ After Braces To Prevent Need For Future Corrective Treatment

Beautiful Smile, Dentist, Braces

Most people who have had braces will need corrective treatment years later, orthodontists have said....

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Caregivers Corner: Tips for helping mother remain as independent as possible

Geriatric Dentistry

Dear Mary, My mother lives in the mid-West and I can only visit once or twice a year. On my last visit, I noticed how frail she has become; she doesn’t like to cook just for herself so she has lost quite a bit of weight. Although she is ...

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Canadian Govt Spent C$110,000 to avoid C$6,000 Health Cost

September 30, 2017 Ashifa Kassam of Gulf Times

Children, Dental Insurance, Invest In Your Child, Dentist

Days after Justin Trudeau told the United Nations that his government was working hard to improve the quality of life for indigenous peoples in Canada, it has emerged that his government spent more than C$110,000 in legal fees to avoid ...

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These parents will do anything to get their kids to a dentist

Children, Invest In Your Child, Dentist, Pediatric Dental

Gone are the days when lollipops and stickers could appease a pint-size patient at the dentist’s office....

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Is your sleep routine making you fat?

Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

It’s estimated that 65% percent of Americans are overweight.  We can attribute that to multiple factors including poor diet, lack of physical exercise, sedentary jobs, etc.  ...

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Legislature muffs a chance to improve the lives of our children

September 28, 2017 Dan Walters of the Fresno Bee

Children, Invest In Your Child, Pediatric Sleep Issues

California legislators had a rare opportunity this year to make a significant improvement in the lives of millions of children at little or no cost – and they muffed it....

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Is This Surprising Habit Making You Tired ALL The Time?

Sleep Disordered Breathing, ADHD, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Adult Sleep Issues, Dental

Teeth grinding is incredibly common in my dental practice, and research suggests that up to one in three people may suffer from night bruxism (teeth grinding). When I started practicing dentistry, I was astounded by how often I was ...

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Why Sleep Matters to the World's Bottom Line

September 27, 2017 Marco Hafner of Rand

Sleep, Adult Sleep Issues

There have been countless stories about businessmen, chief executives and heads of state who claim they get by on little to no sleep. However, while there indeed may be a very small number of these statistical outliers, for the rest of ...

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