Comprehensive Oral Evaluations

As a comprehensive dental office, it is our goal for you to maintain a healthy mouth! To accomplish this goal, it is necessary for our experienced dental team to perform thorough examinations of your teeth, gums and mouth. Our thorough evaluations include an Oral Cancer Exam, a periodontal evaluation and an assessment to check for tooth decay. The evaluation is paired with a full mouth series of digital dental x-rays to diagnose bone loss and decay.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluations
Emergency Oral Examinations

Emergency Oral Examinations

Dental emergencies can occur at any place and at any time. Any number of incidents can cause a dental emergency. Whether you’ve experienced a loosened, repositioned, chipped or knocked out tooth, a visit to the dentist is essential. Depending on the injury itself, 30 minutes could be the difference between being able to save the tooth or not.

At Central Dentist, we offer a Complimentary Emergency Exam to new patients who are experiencing a dental emergency. Call us at 214-368-0900!

Preliminary Emergency Oral Procedures

For a knocked out tooth:

  • Be sure to only touch it at the crown – not the root.
  • The tooth should be rinsed, but not scrubbed.
  • Place the tooth back in the hole it came from to keep it from drying out.
    • If not possible, place the tooth in a clean cloth or gauze pad that is soaked with saliva or milk.
  • Visit a dentist immediately.

For a chipped or fractured tooth:

  • Rinse mouth with warm water.
  • Place a cold compress on the injury site (not the tooth) to reduce swelling.
  • If the chip is found, rinse it and put it in a plastic bag with water or a moist cloth.
    • Depending on the chip, the dentist may be able to re-attach it with enamel or bonding.
  • Visit a dentist immediately.


Gum/Periodontal Charting

Gum/Periodontal charting is a tool that dentists use keep track of the health of gums and determine if a patient is suffering from gum disease. At Central Dentist, we use advanced computerized technologies to measure the height of your gums and we chart them on a graph. Using the results, we are able to determine how healthy a patient’s gums are and we’ll be able to recommend how to approach any existing gum problems.

Gum/Periodontal Charting

The Two Stages of Gum Disease

A mild, more easily handled disease that only affects the gums.

A more severe disease, which can lead to major complications.

Both of these diseases occur below the gum line in a shallow, v-shaped crevice called the sulcus. As the sulcus becomes more diseased, the crevice grows, and the gums recede lower on the tooth.

Here are some of our suggested preventative measures:

  • Brush well 2-3 times daily.
  • Floss at least once per day.
  • A healthy diet aids in gum health. (For example: whole grains, vegetables, meats and dairy products.)
  • Regular visits to the dentist, getting a full checkup and professional cleaning will help the teeth and gums to stay healthier, longer.
Suggested preventative measures
At Home Sleep Apnea Study

At Home Sleep Apnea Study

Central Dentist is excited to offer the convenience of an at home sleep apnea test. A diagnosis will allow us to determine if we are able to treat your sleep apnea in-office with oral appliance therapy, or if you need to be referred to a specialist. This is an excellent alternative to the common overnight sleep lab studies.

How does it work? It’s simple really! You will borrow the at home sleep device from our office, wear the device for 1 to 3 nights and then bring it back to our office. Through our Bluetooth technology, we are able to coordinate with experienced physicians to evaluate the data from your device and send a report to our office (and to you) with your diagnosis. We can then help create a custom treatment plan to help improve your sleep.