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Michael Rosellini, DDS

Geriatric Dentist. Mobile Dental Care.

Special interests include TMJ disorders, removable prosthodontics, & ozone therapy.


My dad is the reason I went into to dentistry and the standard to which I hold all things that I do.  After graduating UT San Antonio Dental School in 1980, he took over his dad's dental practice in Lancaster, TX.  In running a multi-generational practice, my dad received requests from patients as family members transitioned to later, more feeble stages in life, but yet still needing and desiring the same level of exceptional dental care.

"A picture says a thousand words" (see below) couldn't be more applicable than in this case... My dad has gone beyond what a traditional dentist will provide in supporting our patients. He will see them in our office, but in cases where some is too ill or too weak, he has treated patients in hospitals, nursing facilities, and patients' own homes. Even if it requires him to get on his knees, he makes no sacrifice to the standard of care his patients receive.  And I feel privileged to practice alongside him, learn from him, and to have him as my dentist ;)

Beyond dentistry, my mom and dad have been married for 40 years, and they spend much of their time playing with their 7 grandchildren. He's been a volunteer high school baseball coach for the past several years, and just recently decided to take on the role of being head basketball coach for his grandsons' 6-and-under league in Richardson.... make sure to ask him how the season is going next time you're in for a visit!


Connect with Dr. Mike: my dad doesn't have social media so you'll just have to come see him in person or send him a handwritten letter if you'd like to connect with him ;)


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